We designed Mocktails4Kids to bring spiced up alternatives to the virgin non-alcoholic cocktail. Unfortunately, most great cocktails contain one or more alcohols and not everyone is of age for such a cocktail or are on a non-alcohol diet for whatever reason. While Mocktails4Kids is hosted by children, they’re making cocktails for anyone that wants to experiment with drinks! How do we build them? With juices, flavor syrups, puree’s and other creative flavorful ideas.

Who are our hosts?

Brianna Schommer, age 9, has continued to ask to have her own show for over a year. She wants to be a YouTube star. She works hard at school, karate and anything that involves her being a star.

Liam Schommer, age 6, he just likes to have fun. As many already know, Liam is on the road to recovery from a March 2011 diagnoses with Leukemia. He currently enjoys eating, playing video games and doing anything his sister is doing–like making YouTube videos. He has some great ideas for what makes a cool dessert mocktail.

Derrick Schommer, behind the camera and the man in charge of the social networking and filtering comments to the kids to make sure everything is “appropriate” for children. He also hosts a cocktail show on the Internet called Common Man Cocktails.